Product Review: EZ Fill Bottom Suet Feeder

Product Review: EZ Fill Bottom Suet Feeder

Product Review: EZ Fill Bottom Suet Feeder

EZ Fill Bottom Suet Feeder

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Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. I paid for the product.

Over the summer I stopped placing suet in my upside down feeder.

There hadn’t been a sale on suet in a while, and I’ll admit I was being lazy. So, in September when I took all my feeders down for a deep cleaning, I was shocked to find that my wooden suet feeder had mold on the inside!

I use an upside down suet feeder because an epically sized flock of starlings frequents my neighborhood. The flock is so large that once my dog didn’t want to go outside to scare them.  I swear I heard her say “you do it.”

This flock of starlings can eat a block of suet in 10 minutes. I timed them once. They can also clean out a hopper feeder of sunflower seeds in a day. After witnessing that, I took down my original wire suet feeder and started researching ways to get rid of the starlings.

I read that starlings cannot feed upside down. Great! So I purchased a wooden upside down suet feeder and proudly hung it from my post.

Starlings can feed upside down. What they do is a strange hover motion. They can hover for a few seconds, grab a mouthful of suet and then plummet to the ground. But, only one can do it at a time. They soon get tired and move on.

My wooden upside down feeder allowed the woodpeckers and chickadees to feed. So until the mold occurred, I was happy with it.

When looking for a new feeder, I decided I wanted to purchase metal. I didn’t want to risk moldy food and metal is easier to clean than wood. I also wanted to stick with the upside down type as the starlings had given up on using this type. Finally, it had to hold more than one suet cake. I wasn’t going out in the snow and adding more suet!

I purchased the EZ Fill Bottom Suet Feeder from When it arrived, I immediately loved the colors. The feeder has a copper roof and a brown body. My hopper feeder also has a copper roof, so I liked that they matched. The feeder itself is very sturdy and looks as though it will last many years. The metal also is easy to clean.

The feeder is also easy to fill. The top removes by lifting it straight up along the hanging chains. Inside there is a platform with a metal pole. This is the fill indicator. After removing the fill indicator, you place your suet inside. It can hold 3 suet cakes easily. You then replace the fill indicator, lining the pole up with the hole in the lid. Slide the lid back down the chain on top of the body and you are done! The whole process took me 5 minutes, mostly due to the suet packaging, not the feeder!

I really liked the fill indicator feature. As the suet cakes are eaten, the metal plate falls lower in the feeder. This makes the indicator bar shorter. When I hung the feeder on my pole, I made sure I could see the indicator from my living room window. Now I know exactly when I need to add more suet from the comfort of my warm house (thinking winter!)

As for the birds, it took the woodpeckers 2 weeks before they began using it. They have no issue hanging from the mesh bottom and spend quite a bit of time chowing down. They hang from this feeder longer than my old wooden one. This may be due to the fact that this feeder swings less when they land. I have yet to see any chickadees using the feeder, but this may be due to how popular it is with the woodpeckers. No starlings have attempted a snatch and grab food mission yet.

Recommendation – This is an easy to fill suet feeder that holds 3 cakes and discourages starlings for under $15! Highly Recommended.

Amazon link: EZ Fill Bottom Suet Feeder

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Paige Nugent

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