5 Reasons You Should Buy Zinnia Seeds Now (and one bonus)

5 Reasons You Should Buy Zinnia Seeds Now (and one bonus)

5 Reasons You Should Buy Zinnia Seeds Now (and one bonus)

I love Zinnias! They are one of the best flowers for your backyard. Why do I love them . . .

They are care free. Zinnias are extremely easy to grow.  Around your last frost date, take 3-4 seeds and place them on the ground where you want them to grow (Don’t know when your last frost is? Check out this site). Don’t cover the seed and keep the area moist. Once they are up and growing they don’t need any more help.

There is a zinnia in your favorite colors. If you like white flowers, you can find a zinnia. Like purple, red or pink? Don’t worry, there are zinnias in those colors too. There are even green zinnias. Mixing and matching colors is easy too as they come in a variety of mixes.

There is a zinnia for every size. Zinnia’s come in all sizes. There are tall ones that make great cut flowers and shorter ones that are ground covers. You can plant zinnias in the front and back of the flowerbed.

They help your garden. Zinnias have been found to repel cucumber beetles and tomatoes worms. They also attract predatory wasps and hoverflies that will kill common garden pests.

Hummingbirds love them. Zinnias come in hummingbird colors (reds, yellows and purples) and are visited regularly by these little birds. They use the nectar to fuel their long migration south in late summer.

They help pollinators. Zinnias are pollinated by insects drawn in by their bright colors. They are great late season flowers to help Monarch’s along their migration path and for honeybees to get ready for winter.

Don’t delay, head over to your local garden center and pick up a package of zinnia seeds. Your backyard in August will be the envy of the the street.

Paige Nugent

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