Why wildlife in your backyard?

When I was a child there was a stand of pokeweed on our property.

Pokeweed berries at Cincinnati Nature Center

Don’t let the birds starve this winter.

It was tall, the berries were just starting, and the stems were hollow. They made a satisfying ‘whomp’ sound when hit with a stick. So my brother and I did just that, until the whole stand was down.

Whomp, whomp, whomp.

Our father was not pleased. I remember him asking me “now, what are the birds going to eat this winter?”(make this a stand out quote) Suddenly I was horrified. I made the birds starve. Never again did I knock down the pokeweed.

Do you make the birds starve?

Have you cut down that weed patch? Got rid of that old tree and put a fancy flowering one in instead? Do you spray your whole lawn when you see one spider? Planted nothing but annuals from the big store down the street?

The poor birds, they starved that winter.

But you can fix it. Everyone can fix it. I can show you how.

When you create a wildlife refuge you are part of the solution.

Together we will regrow a pretty ‘weed’ patch full of butterfly and bee food. We will replace that tree with one that is full of nesting birds and squirrels. We will bring back the wild turkey, fox and hawk to your neighborhood.

It’s easy, and you can do it.

Now ask yourself, “what are the birds going to eat this winter?”

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